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Limited Edition Art You Can Afford

April 27, 2010

Walls can talk. Listen in on what yours are saying when you’re not around.

Wall 1: Why the blank stare?

Wall 2: I can’t help it. I’m so empty and boring.

W 1: Yeah, you really do put the “dry” in drywall.

W 2: I’m tired of brushing this issue under the carpet. What can I do about it?

W1: There’s this awesome website called 20×200 where you can source all kinds of art to display. The brainchild of Jen Bekman, owner of Jen Bekman Gallery in downtown New York, 20 x 200 sells limited edition works of art and photography from up and coming talent across the United States.

Works are available in three to four sizes and include everything from photographs of baby animals to whimsical illustrations of books on a shelf. Each piece is carefully curated by Bekman and her group of discerning artists and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity, so you know it’s quality stuff.

W 2: Sounds expensive.

W 1: You’ll be floored to hear that all prints start at only $20.00.

W 2: There’s no end to the possibilities!

W 1: The ceiling’s the limit.

Available online at 20 x 200.

Photographs of lamb and piglette by Sharon Montrose

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