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How To Practice Cubicle Courtesy

April 29, 2010

Photo via WarzauWynn

Though you try your best to be a model co-worker, your cubicle habits may be bugging your neighbors. Many of your daily routines that you find normal may be offensive, intrusive or just plain annoying to your office-mates. When working with others in a small space, be aware of these cubicle pitfalls that can become bothersome.

Bad Habits

While habits such as biting your nails or cracking your knuckles are difficult to control, consider the effect they have on your cubicle-mates. Many people are irked by the sound of fingers popping and nail biting, so be conscious of your actions and vow to work on these bad habits.

Strong Odors

To you it’s last night’s leftover tuna casserole, but to your neighbor it’s the worst 30-minutes of their day. Rather than eating your lunch at your desk, head to the kitchen or outside for some fresh air. The same applies for scented lotions or fragrances that may smell great to you, but are overpowering for others nearby.

Personal Phone Conversations

If you find the need to answer or place a personal call during work, consider venturing to a secluded, quiet place to do so. Your co-workers don’t need to know the details of your plans for the night or your last trip to the doctor. Attempt to keep work matters and personal matters separate, and everyone will thank you.

Getting Openly Frustrated

Between tight deadlines, hard to please bosses and pushy clients, work can be full of stress. Be sure to control your emotions and avoid getting openly heated about a dispute or a frustration. Not only is it unprofessional, it’s distracting.

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  1. April 29, 2010 10:00 am

    Ha! All of these are so true. Great piece, Holley. I should send it to the nail-clipper in my office. Wonder if she’d get the hint!

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