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Decorating Your Home with a Touch of (Science) Class

April 30, 2010

A mosaic of beakers via Ethnollie

Decorating your home isn’t a science, but it’s fun to treat it as such. Consider accenting your home with recycled science class relics for a unique and whimsical touch, such as test tubes that double as vases, beakers that make for great incense holders, and other scientific vessels that can be used as flower pots.

Here are a few images that should inspire you, including a round-up of my favorite science-inspired furniture, accents and storage solutions. A word of wisdom; to keep your house from looking like a schoolhouse, go light on this particular theme and be discerning about how many scientific elements you incorporate.

Ceramic test tube hanging vases via Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Air plants via TortoiseLovesDonkey

1. Vintage apothecary bottles via Lost Found Art, 2. Vintage Bunsen Burners via Lost Found Art, 3. Pendant LampTurner via The Old Cinema 4. Barstool via Crate & Barrel, 5. Vintage Bausch and Lomb brass microscope via Ebay, 6.1950s Desk Chair via The Old Cinema, 7. Vintage Filing Cabinet via Pure Green, 8. Angelpoise Lamp via The Old Cinema, 9. Mounted Candy Stripe Swallowtail via Etsy, 10. Vintage Steel Serving Trolley via The Old Cinema

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  1. August 28, 2010 1:54 pm

    Now those are some decorating ideas I wouldn’t even have thought about to use those items.
    Even though I think it won’t go with any kind of decor but it’s sure something worth to think about and maybe there is the one or other room in a home that could need some make over and then this would be an excellent choice to bring in some new ideas.
    The Ceramic Test tubes is what I really like besides of the mounted butterfly and my favorite and very first pick is the first image from the top.

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