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Not Just for the Birds: Pigeon Toe Ceramics

May 11, 2010

Photo via Pigeon Toe Ceramics

We hate to pigeonhole our new favorite potter, but we’re pretty sure she wouldn’t want it any other way.

Lisa Jones is an Oregon based artist and the hands behind Pigeon Toe Ceramics, the small design studio with big talent and an even bigger focus on the environment.

Using locally sourced clay, Jones manipulates lumps of earth into works of art that she then bakes in solar and wind powered kilns. The result? Covetable porcelain home wares that you can feel good about, like the hanging test tube planters, curious tripod bowls and magnificent Mason jars that when filled with a votive radiate simple beauty.

Each affordable piece is made painstakingly by hand and features its own unique look and texture. Some are accented with a colorful glaze that gives them an additional pop of color. Jones also does custom orders, so if you can dream it, there’s a chance she can make it. Now that’s nothing to squawk at.

Note: This article was originally written for EcoSalon.

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