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4 Ways to Save Money and Water While Showering

June 28, 2010

Feel like you’re throwing money down the drain every time you shower? It could be a result of too-long showers and wasteful hygiene habits. Read on for four quick tips on trimming the time, money and water you waste during your morning rinse.

Turn it Down

If you find the water temperature too hot, resist the urge to pump up the cold. Instead, turn down the heat a few notches until you find a comfortable balance. Not only will this waste less water, it will help reduce the cost of your energy bills.

Shave Pre-Shower

Shaving your legs while showering is a sure-fire way to waste water. Think about the actual amount of agua you need to shave your stems. Realistically, you can do with just a few splashes and a bowl or sink of H2O to dip the razor in. I suggest shaving before hand and rinsing off in the shower once you’ve de-fuzzed.

Bring a Bucket

This is a trick I learned after starting my garden; place a bucket on the floor of the shower to catch clean, unused water. You’ll be amazed at how much liquid collects and how quickly it fills up. Use the extra water as you see fit – to feed your garden, clean your floors, or hand-wash your delicates.

Turn the Lights Off

Half of the time spent in the shower is spent washing or rinsing with our eyes closed. Give showering in the dark a chance and you likely won’t even miss the light. It also makes for a very soothing and relaxing experience and is a great way to start your busy day.

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