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Five Public Transit Totes: More Bag for Your Buck

February 8, 2011

Cassaniti Bike Bag

It may not be a plastic bag, but it’s not exactly a Louis Vuitton Speedy either. Somewhere in the middle lies these handsome travel bags fit for every method of transportation. Grab one now and get moving.

Alexandra bike bagBike
When you’re on your bike, the idea is to enjoy yourself, not fumble around with your messenger bag. Go hands-free with Alexandra Cassaniti’s Bike Bag, $120. The heavyweight cotton canvas is handmade in Minnesota and designed to last with a sturdy leather bottom, silver hardware, and a handy outer pocket.

Your morning stroll to work will be so much more enjoyable with Eastsport’s Natural Collection backpack, $60. The comfortable straps disperse the weight evenly and the materials are 100 percent organic (natural cotton, untreated brass details) making this satchel a natural choice.

Mohawk General Store's Helmut LangSubway
Stand clear of the closing doors with this slim Office Mate tote from Julie Apple, $188. Shimmy in with ease and fit comfortably among a crowded MTA space without disturbing your belongings (or your neighbors). The durable bag, made from recycled and organic materials, is big enough to hold everything. We can’t say the same for the subway car.

Eastsport’s Natural Collection Train
Flee the city for a weekend getaway with this Helmut Bag from Mohawk General Store, $90, in tow. Not only does it look totally badass, it’s hand-sewn from salvaged army materials. Translation: it can take a beating so don’t be afraid to cram it in the stowaway spots for a little more legroom.

Lo & SonsPlane
Take flight with Lo and Son’s The O.G. bag (stands for Overnight and Gym), $295. The internal structure of the bag makes it super sturdy and long lasting. Plus, the deep pockets and steadying back sleeve mean you won’t be left fumbling at security check-point. Oh, and did we mention they’re gorgeous?

Originally written for offManhattan.

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