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Show Your True Colors with Shades of Grey Jewelry

March 7, 2011

shades of grey jewelry!

Life to you is black and white. Though you’ll want to consider a few Shades of Grey when it comes to choosing accessories.

Jewelry designer Attalie Dexter crafts eclectic baubles from a combination of vintage and modern elements for an anachronistic mash-up. Think mix-matched corrugated beads on delicate, oxidized vintage chains.

The true gems in Dexter’s collection are her necklaces, which range from simple (a dead stock vintage bow hanging from a thin copper chain) to complex (hexagonal brass beads, Japanese jet glass beads, and Chicago-sourced feathers strung on a brass chain) to both (a long chain with a dangling cluster of charms like etched stars, brass sequins, and a translucent blue-gray heart).

Every piece is one of a kind. So you can show your true colors.

Available at Workshop, 818 West 18th Street, at Newberry Avenue (312-226-9000); online at

Originally written for DailyCandy Chicago.

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