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Here Comes the Sun (Protection): Mott 50’s New Sun Care Clothing

April 26, 2011

mott 50 sun-protective clothing!

Detective: I’m going to ask you one last time, sunny, and this time I want the truth. Where were you the morning of July 16?

Sun: I already told you. I was up in the sky.

D: Then how do you explain this? (lifts up his shirt and points to his pale belly)

S: Were you wearing a shirt from Mott 50? The innovative men and women’s clothing line uses fabrics that absorb harmful rays before they can cause sun-related skin damage.

D: All right, hotshot. What’s the difference between a regular old tee and one from Mott 50?

S: Ordinary cotton tees protect you against sunburn-causing UVB rays alone. Mott 50 clothing guards you against UVB and UVA rays, so you’re guarded against cancer and premature wrinkles as well.

D: I’m warming up to this idea. Keep talking.

S: Mott 50 makes more than just T-shirts. Think jersey maxidresses, poplin tunics, piqué polos, and bamboo zip-ups in a variety of playful prints and solids.

D: All right, you’re free to go. Those were all my burning questions.

Available online at, $35-$145.

Originally written for DailyCandy Everywhere.

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