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Grubwithus: Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Alone

March 14, 2011

dinner together!

June 6
I’m bummin’, diary. Been dying to check out that Frenchie place on Randolph, but it’s shaping up to be a ramen kind of night. When did it get so hard to meet new people?

June 10
Discovered Grubwithus, a new website connecting people through meals across Chicago. Members choose a restaurant, date, and time and create an open reservation. Anyone interested in tagging along can purchase a spot at the table, which covers the cost of a prix fixe menu served family style. Pretty neat, huh?

Before you snag a seat, you can see who else is attending and what dishes will be served. Good food and hungry strangers? We’ll find plenty to talk about.

June 14
Grabbed Japanese food with some Grubwithus peeps last night. We’ve already made plans for next weekend. Can’t wait to dish all about it.

Available online at

Photo: Noel Hendrickson / Getty Images

Originally written for DailyCandy Chicago.

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